BLADEHarmony Manager 5.2

BLADEHarmony Manager 5.2

BLADEHarmony Manager is a web-based element management system
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IBM BLADEHarmony Manager is a web-based element management system for network operators and system administrators to configure, maintain, and monitor the family of IBM Blade Network Technologies' switches.

Just point and click to configure, monitor, and manage blade switches in a single chassis or across large blade server deployments with BLADEHarmony Manager(US Patent Pending).

Choose BLADEHarmony Manager for:


- VMready Across the Data Center

-Client-server architecture

- Web-based GUI for simplified device configuration, monitoring and fault management

- Integration with industry-leading Enterprise Management Systems (e.g., IBM Director)

- Customizable reporting of detailed asset, operational and performance information

- Automated and scheduled software downloads, configuration updates/backups, switch reboots, etc.


- Support Virtual Machine migration across a data center in a vendor environment while retaining their network policies configured on VMready switches and port groups in the hypervisors/hosts.

- Centralization of critical network asset information integrates with enterprise security structure while enabling access with minimal risk from mobile clients.

- Easy and cost-effective method to monitor, configure, and maintain switches utilizing COTS technologies.

- Minimal effort insertion into existing management schemas, eliminating fork-lift upgrade or wholesale swap-out of installed managers.

- Global view of all IBM BNT top of rack or embedded switches on your network with simplified asset and fault management. more



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